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Welcome to EastZEast

Welcome to the home of authentic Punjabi cuisine! eastZeast are a multi award winning restaurant chain with various locations across the North West, including two well-known and well-respected Indian restaurants in Manchester City Centre.

Catering to a range of dining experiences, we at eastZeast offer our customers everything from the full dine-in experience to the best Indian take away service in the North West, and everything in between, including private catering for weddings, birthdays and business functions.

Never compromising on quality or varying too far from the authenticity of our Punjabi origins is the key to our success. Our balance of top quality Indian food within the relaxed and elegant surroundings of our restaurants sees both our loyal following and new customers alike leaving with their taste buds tingled and their appetite for the best Indian food satisfied….until next time!

But at eastZeast, it’s not just our food that is geared up to delight the senses. Our restaurants offer you the opportunity to relax and enjoy your evening before and after your delicious meal, with impressive bars offering up a range of  drinks including popular and signature cocktails. Or for the designated drivers, take advantage of our free valet parking and concierge service, then sit back and enjoy one of our choices of mocktail….we promise, they’re as good as the real thing!

Authentic Punjabi Cuisine

The Punjab Province is a former province of British India. Following the 1947 partition of India, the Punjab Province was divided between modern day India and Pakistan, and a further two states were later added in the 1960s in the form of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

An amalgamation of the words ‘punj’, meaning five, and ‘ab’, meaning water, the Punjab is also often referred to as ‘The Land of Five Rivers’ and its affluent agricultural history based around the water-ways is said to be what attracted other nations to form colonies there during the diverse history of the region. Not only has the heritage of the region contributed to the cooking style and food traditions, it has also produced other significant cultural elements, including the vastly popular Bhangra style of dance, as well as music and Punjabi poetry.

Stemming from a rich and diverse cultural heritage, the Punjab has produced some of the world’s best contributions to modern cooking, and has influenced and inspired a great many Indian restaurants around the world. The dishes are largely like the history of the region in that they are diverse and varied. Dishes that originate from the Punjab region include ever-popular dishes including pakoras, rogan josh, butter chicken, tikka dishes and naan, as well as being the birth place of the Tandoori style of cooking.