Monthly Archives: April 2015

Did You Know Spices Aren’t Always Spicy?

Indian cuisine is often characterised by its extensive and complex use of spices that are married together to make intense, flavourful dishes. These spices, which are referred to as masala in the Hindi culture, are the foundation that truly makes … Continue reading

History of Your Favourite Curry: Pathia

Over the last few months, we have been bringing you the history of some of our favourite curries. So far we have looked at the Tikka Masala, Bhuna, Vindaloo and Rogan Josh and took you on journey of discovery to … Continue reading

Keep Cool this Summer with Indian Cuisine

The temperature its definitely on the rise as we get closer and closer to summer. Whether we’re indoors, or lucky enough to be able to spend it outdoors, it’s something that all of us can enjoy. But, if you are … Continue reading