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The History Of Your Favourite Curry – Tikka Masala

If there’s one curry that you can guarantee will be popular with everyone it’s got to be the Chicken Tikka Masala, it’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t like this rich, creamy, flavoursome dish. Perhaps a little bizarrely, this popular … Continue reading

Manchester Food Bloggers Descend On EastZEast

EastzEast recently launched our fantastic new Christmas Menu ready for the festive season! To celebrate this, we invited a bunch of local food bloggers down to give their professional opinion of the new selection. The new menu features a special … Continue reading

Top Mocktails – 2 for 1 Tuesdays

At EastzEast, we understand that the week can be stressful and, sometimes, nothing can quite beat a cheeky cocktail midway through the week to help with those Tuesday/Wednesday blues. That and a good curry, obviously. However, we also recognize that, … Continue reading

Spicy Networking Comes to EastZEast Riverside

EastZEast are pleased to announce that Manchester professional networking group Spicy Networking have chosen to host their opening event at Manchester Riverside. Spicy aims to become one of Manchester’s most success networking meetings for local professionals, attracting many of Manchester’s … Continue reading

The Top 10 International Dishes In Britain By Popularity

We have seen in recent years that the popularity of one of the nation’s all-time favourite dishes, the Tikka Masala has come under fire by not only other curries but food from other countries. We take a look at what … Continue reading

Where Does The Chicken Tikka Masala Originate?

The Chicken Tikka Masala has been one of Britain’s favourite dishes for decades, perhaps because of this, it has always been disputed where the dish in actual fact originates from. Some say India, others say Birmingham and even Glasgow has … Continue reading

A new venture in Birmingham for Manchester based restaurant chain EastZEast

Manchester restaurant chain East Z East sets up new home in Birmingham The final date is now as EastZEast opens its doors on Broad Street in August. The restaurant chain, lauded as ‘the home of Punjabi cooking’ is making its long anticipated … Continue reading

How Curries Can Keep You Cool in Hot Weather

With the temperatures this week reaching 25 degrees and next week 27, we find ourselves wondering how we can stay cool in this hot weather. The first idea that comes to mind is a cold beverage, an ice cream or … Continue reading

A History of the Famous Birmingham Balti

With the lead up to our Birmingham branch opening in the upcoming weeks we take a look at the history of curry in the city and the famous Birmingham Balti. The word ‘Balti’ refers to the bowl that the dish … Continue reading

Infographic: Vegetarian Curry Of The Month – June 2014

The first in a series of new infographics aimed at promoting healthy eating. Many curries served in Indian restaurants in the UK are needlessly unhealthy because of the amount of cream and ghee used in the cooking of them. At … Continue reading