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  • 1. Bookings after 4.30pm will not be confirmed until the following day
  • 2. Reservations of 10 people and more* are requested to pay a deposit of £50.00. Reservation before payment will not be noted/ penciled in diary. Deposit is non- refundable but will be taken off the final bill on the night.
  • 3. Reservations of 12 people and more* are requested to choose one of our set menus.
  • 4. Time slot for any reservation per table is 2 hours from the moment of reservation time.
  • 5. Reservation time can not be amended on reservation day. Tables are held for maximum of 5 minutes. After this you will be required to wait and be seated at the next available opening depending on how busy the restaurant is.
  • 6. You'll only be seated once all party has arrived.
  • 7. Riverside Valet parking is only available from 5pm.

For more info, please contact 0161 8343500

*For the Preston branch, reservations of 10 people or more are requested to pay a deposit of £5.00 per person, and to choose one of our set menus.

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