The Top 10 International Dishes In Britain By Popularity

  • EastZEast
  • 26.08.2014
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We have seen in recent years that the popularity of one of the nation’s all-time favourite dishes, the Tikka Masala has come under fire by not only other curries but food from other countries. We take a look at what the current top 10 favourite dishes are in the UK by popularity and see where the curry that Indian restaurants all over the country have been serving up for decades comes in! Please note: This survey is of dishes people regularly cook and eat from home.

10. Peking Duck (Chinese) – 14%

9. Szechuan Noodles (Chinese) – 15%

8. Thai Red Curry (Thai) – 15%

7. Lemon Chicken (Thai) – 16%

6. Beef Choi Mein (Chinese) – 19%

5. King Prawns (Chinese) – 23%

4. Thai Green Curry (Thai) – 24%

3. Sweet & Sour Chicken (Chinese) – 37%

2. Chicken Tikka Masala (Indian) – 39%

1. Chinese Stir Fry (Chinese) – 55%

So the Chicken Tikka Masala comes in at number two with 39% of people regularly making and eating the dish at home. It has been knocked off top spot by the Chinese stir fry. It will be interesting to see how this changes in the future as other Indian dishes are taking the place of the Tikka Masala, will they be in the top 10 next time? We’ll have to wait and see!