Did You Know Spices Aren’t Always Spicy?

  • EastZEast
  • 16.04.2015
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Indian cuisine is often characterised by its extensive and complex use of spices that are married together to make intense, flavourful dishes. These spices, which are referred to as masala in the Hindi culture, are the foundation that truly makes an Indian kitchen.

Many people, especially those who are afraid of heat, are scared away at the mention of spices.  However, these people fail to realise that the use of spices doesn’t mean that it will make your food hot and spicy. Many Indian spices are used in order to give the food flavour, rather than heat. They give each dish a distinct, aromatic flavour, that won’t always have you breathing fire at the first bite.

Each individual spice has its own unique characteristics and flavours. However, when they are combined with a selection of other spices, the flavours interact and merge together, creating a very different taste and changing their unique qualities. This fusion of contrasting flavours is what makes Indian cuisine so popular today.

Spices also have other qualities that make their use extremely beneficial. Each spice has its own health benefits and many are used for medicinal purposes and for the prevention of diseases. Some can also be used for the preservation of perishable foods.

Depending on the area of India, or Asia, where each dish originally found its creation, different spices vary in their use and popularity. For example, some spices that are very popular in northern India, may not be held in such high regard in the southern areas.

Some of the most widely used spices in Indian cuisine include: Turmeric, Cardamom, Chilli, Saffron, Cumin seeds and Coriander seeds.

So, if you’re guilty of hiding behind a Chicken Korma because you have been scared to try the flavours of traditional Indian spices, remember that using them wont always make a dish fiery hot. If you’re ready to try something new, visit eastZeast at any one of our restaurants based across the North West and Birmingham and let our staff give you a dining experience you will never forget.