Does Indian Food Pair Well With Wine?

  • EastZEast
  • 18.03.2015

Wine for Indian Cuisine

Indian Cuisine, is probably more commonly associated beers such as Kingfisher and Cobra, rather than a glass of wine, however selecting the right one can make a real difference to your meal. To help you with your choice, we have looked at the best wine to be paired with Indian dining.

Wine has always been seen as the ideal companion of good cuisine and this is no exception to a rich, fragrant meal. Although the consumption of wine isn’t common in Indian households, the Indian wine market has grown and developed over the last fifteen years or so, becoming more widely enjoyed.

The choice of wine is ultimately a personal preference, however, we have chosen some excellent pairings to go with our signature Punjabi dishes.

If you like your dishes spicy, a mineral based, acidic wine will add to the spices and bring out the individual flavours.

Indian food that has a wide combination of flavours, is best suited to creamy, or buttery white wines, as they help to combine the aromas.

If you prefer something to contrast a strong spice, a sweet wine, will work best at calming the flavours.

Authentic Indian dishes, such as Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Gosht, Paneer Tikka, Tarka Daal and Biryani are full of complex flavours created with a variety of spices.

We have sought out the best wines to be included in our wine list, to suit such dishes that are rich in spices, to bring out their best flavours.

Here are some of the popular wine choices to go with Indian cuisine:

Gewürztraminer – A mildly sweet, white wine from the French region of Alsace. This is suited to dishes that are tandoori based or rich in masalas, herbs, ginger, garlic and cardamom.

Sauvignon Blanc or Australian Shiraz –Perfectly accompany tikka dishes, tandoori Prawns and paneer dishes.

Rose – These dry wines have the depth of a red wine, combined with the acidity of a light white wine. Rose is best suited with heavy meat dishes, such as lamb but not with poultry.

Pinot Noir – This choice is one of the most popular red wines consumed with Indian cuisine. Usually fruity, this red wine is smoother compared to other wines that are high in tannin. It also goes well with most other types of dishes, including; spicy, tangy, chicken, seafood, vegetarian dishes or paneer.

Champagne or Sparkling Wines – Champagne and other sparkling wines, can be paired with various dishes, including vegetarian food. Whether you choose to have a rich and creamy curry, such as a Korma, or something heavier like saag, balti dishes, paneer or potatoes, Champagne offers a nice contrast due to its bubbly acidic texture.

Ultimately, choosing a wine to go with your meal is a matter of personal preference, however our tips should help to guide your decision.  All of the wines mentioned above are available to buy from our extensive wine menu, however if you would like more assistance choosing a wine, our experienced bar staff can advise you further.