The History of Your Favourite Curry: Bhuna

  • EastZEast
  • 20.01.2015

Next in the series of The History of Your Favourite Curry, is one of our best sellers on the EastZEast menu, the Bhuna. This particular dish has grown in popularity over the years, as us Brits have caught on to the explosive, unique flavours that it offers.


The origins of the Bhuna trace back to the Bengal area of northeast India and western Bangladesh. Popular belief states that this particular method of cooking spices was originally used in the preparation of meals for wealthy Indian rulers and aristocrats. Over time, the technique then became widely used within Bengali culture, as the dish became prevalent amongst the general population.

The term Bhuna is actually the word to describe the traditional cooking technique whereby spices are fried in very hot oil, until they have formed a paste. This has since become the name of the curry itself, where meat or vegetables have been added to these fried spices and then cooked in their juices to bring out its distinguished, deep flavours. This Indian speciality is of medium heat and is served with a very little, albeit thick, sauce.  For those who prefer the dish milder, coconut milk can be added to suit individual tastes.

The Western world has continued to adopt South Asian cuisine, since the first curry house was opened in the UK over 200 years ago, by Dean Mahomed. With this, the popularity of the Bhuna has continued to spread. It has become a staple on the menus of Indian Restaurants, and households across the UK.

If you are still yet to try the culinary delights of the Bhuna, here at EastZEast, we make this dish to suit your personal taste. If you want us to turn up the heat, or serve something a little milder, we cook it fresh with a choice of either Chicken, Lamb, Prawn or Vegetables. Reserve your seat, or order your curry online today.