Keep Cool this Summer with Indian Cuisine

  • EastZEast
  • 21.04.2015
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The temperature its definitely on the rise as we get closer and closer to summer. Whether we’re indoors, or lucky enough to be able to spend it outdoors, it’s something that all of us can enjoy. But, if you are one of those people who isn’t so much of a fan of the heat, then you will no doubt be looking for every solution possible to try and stay cool.

Now we all know the usual methods; such as staying in the shade, enjoying an ice cold drink, bringing the fan out of the loft for another year, the list goes on! However, a tried and tested method that you may not have heard of, is eating spicy food.

Yes, we know, it doesn’t sound quite right, but let us explain. Now it may not be a usual method that people go for when it comes to keeping cool. Afterall, why would anyone want to eat hot and spicy food, when the temperatures are skyrocketing outside? Scientists have proven that eating foods such as curries, that are rich in chillies and spices can spark heat receptors in the mouth. This in turn powers circulation and causes sweating, which will then cool you down.

If this sounds like a trick that you want to try, let EastZEast give you hand. We have some amazing dishes that will definitely put some fire your belly this summer. Why not try our classic favorite, Chicken Tikka Kabli, which is a nice mild appetiser, made from marinated off the bone chicken along with fresh herbs and spices. Or if you want to bring the spice up a notch, try our Chicken Masala Desi, first introduced in the seventies and has been popular ever since. Or, if you think you can take the heat, give the scorching Garlic Chilli Chicken balti a try! It’s one of the hottest dishes on our menu and is also available in lamb, veg or prawns.

Every one of our dishes are made with the finest quality ingredients from across the globe, chosen fresh each day to ensure you have a superior dining experience. So if you want an experience to remember, visit the team at EastZEast this summer. For more information, or make a reservation, contact any one of our branches, or book online.