Scientists have Discovered What Makes Indian Food So Delicious

  • EastZEast
  • 25.03.2015
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Obviously, here at eastZeast we know that Indian food is superior in taste compared to many other cuisines, however now it has been scientifically proven!

Rich in flavours such as Cumin, Cardamom, Ginger, Coriander and authentic chillies, Indian cuisine has become popular all over the world. And our specialist chefs work hard to give you the best experience possible, when it comes to traditional Indian dining. We pay extra special detail to ensure all your senses are aroused, not only when it comes to taste, but the smells, sounds and surroundings, in every one of our restaurants.

But beyond the surface of what makes Indian food so delectable, there is actual scientifically proven research to back it up. In this newly released research, a large scale analysis of more than 2,000 of the world’s most popular recipes has shown why Indian food has such unique flavours.

Western food commonly has overlapping flavours coming from their choice of ingredients, however Indian cuisine goes against these rules. Along with many other any Asian cuisines, dishes are created with contradicting ingredients that don’t overlap in flavour, creating an intense taste.

On average, authentic Indian dishes contain a minimum of seven different ingredients. None of which share any similar qualities. Because of this, each ingredient releases its own distinct flavours, when the final dish is created.

All of our dishes at eastZeast stem from a rich and diverse cultural heritage, which has inspired all of our restaurants to become what they are today. If you are yet to experience an evening with us, you can book a table with us today at one of our locations, which include; Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bury and Preston.