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  • 11.03.2015
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Vegetarian Indian Cuisine | eastZeast | Birmingham | Manchester | Liverpool | Preston | Bury



There are many reasons behind why people choose to move towards a vegetarian or vegan diet. Some of these reasons include people wanting to live longer by improving their diet, living healthier lifestyles or wanting to contribute towards reducing pollution that is associated with eating a carnivorous diet. Other reasons include people wanting to preserve the Earth’s natural resources or due to ethical beliefs against the slaughter and consumption of animals.

According to research published by the Vegetarian Times, an estimated 70 percent of all diseases, including one-third of all cancers, are related, or worsened due to diet. Further research concludes that a vegetarian diet reduces the risk of developing chronic degenerative diseases including obesity, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and several types of cancer including colon, breast, prostate, stomach, lung and oesophageal cancer.

There has been a wealth of scientific research that validates both the health and environmental benefits of consuming a plant-based diet. But don’t be mistaken into thinking that steering away from meat means you will be subjected to eating boring and flavourless food. Many restaurants are guilty for providing vegetarian options on their menu’s that lack creativity and imagination, but this couldn’t be further away from the choices available at eastZeast. Indian cuisine has always had a focus on creating incredible meat-free, healthy dishes, that won’t leave you disappointed.

To help you an idea of what to expect, we have chosen our favourite vegetarian and vegan dishes, to help you along:

Small Dishes

Garlic Mushrooms – Fresh mushrooms, cooked in a masala sauce with onions and peppers

Chana Puri – Chickpeas, cooked in masala sauce with onions and peppers

Bengan Pakora – Fresh aubergine cutlets, marinated in a specially created eastZeast batter, the deep fried.

Saag aloo – Curried potatoes and spinach, perfect as a side or a main!

Main Dishes

Milli Julee Sabzi – A variety of seasonal vegetables, freshly prepared with onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes and a blend of spices

Chana Karahi – Yellow split chickpeas, cooked with a specially selected spices to make our irresistible eastZeast sauce

Paneer Shashlik – Chargrilled diced cheese with peppers and tomatoes

If there is a dish that isn’t listed on the menu that you would like our chefs to prepare, then your waiter for the evening will be happy to take your request and we will create a vegetarian, or vegan dish to your taste. We are dedicated to giving you an authentic Indian dining experience, and this includes accommodating to all dietary requirements.

To make a reservation for any of our North West, Or Birmingham restaurants, book online or contact a member of our team today.