Would you be able to recognise a genuine Birmingham Balti?

  • EastZEast
  • 05.03.2015
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The dish in question, the Birmingham Balti, is thought to have originated during the late 70s, when chefs specialising in making curries and other authentic Indian meals, began to adapt their cooking styles. In order to suit Western tastes, they began to make their dishes lighter, healthier and served faster.

To create a genuine Birmingham Balti, it must be served in the same thin steel bowl that it has been cooked in, known as a traditional “Balti” bowl, which is where the name originates from. This particular bowl is used to keep the curry at a high temperature after it has been cooked over a hot flame. This method retains all of the curry’s flavours, then is best served sizzling with fresh naan bread.

The method of cooking the Balti quickly over a very high heat is believed to have stemmed from the demand from Western customers’ to be served their meals quickly, and not have to wait for a more traditional slow cooked meal.

This style of cooking isn’t restricted to just the Balti. Other traditional curries that are popular in the Western world such as the tikka masala, tandoori, rogan josh and korma can all be cooked in this quick Balti style. Aside from being quicker, this method also makes the dishes healthier and lighter versions of the traditional recipes.

In order for a Balti to be a genuine, authentic Birmingham Balti, it must meet the following criteria:

  • Be cooked in vegetable oil rather than ghee,
  • Be cooked over a high gas flame in under 10 minutes,
  • Be cooked using turmeric, methi, garam masala, fresh ginger and garlic puree, although other spices may be added depending on peoples individual tastes and cooking styles
  • Be cooked in a thin pressed steel Balti, and then served in this same dish

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